Is a 5/8ct TW diamond engagement ring set in 18K white gold overpriced at $2,799?

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Is a 5/8ct TW diamond engagement ring set in 18K white gold overpriced at $2,799?
Fri, 01-21-2011 - 2:52pm

My boyfriend and I fell in love with this ring but I have heard that Helzberg Diamonds can be a bit over-priced. Here is the link to the ring:

What do you all think?

Would it be better to buy the diamond on its own and place it in this type of setting? Given, we have seen it under the diamond viewer and it looks beautiful, and this style of ring is perfect. What would be the best way to go?

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It's a beautiful ring, but I'm the wrong person to

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A couple of thoughts:
1) Do your homework on how to shop for diamonds. I haven't seriously shopped for them in a while, so I can't immediately recall the quality-to-price ratio. Diamonds are a commodity, but the supply is controlled by a cartel, so pricing fluctuates a bit differently than the normal supply/demand curve.

2) I didn't see information on the weight of the center stone - the TW (Total Weight) of 5/8 ct includes all the accent stones too. Given that, the price seems a bit high. However, gold is higher than usual these days, which could account for it.

3) Definitely shop around. Because it is a commodity being sold at retail, there will be similar pieces across a range of prices (how wide, I couldn't guess for sure) because of profit margins and overhead. Mall jewelers are typically the most expensive. Wholesale Gem Exchanges (usually found in large cities) are typically lower priced and open to negotiation.