bathing suit help

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bathing suit help
Wed, 03-21-2012 - 10:48pm

I need help figuring out the best bathing suit for my body. I have a very unusal bdoy shape. My stomach is round,like a pregnant ladies, without me being pregnant. My stomach is filled with air so even if I lose weight I still have this problem. I don't like bikini's, because they make me look more pregnant, but I have a tattoo on the side of my stomach that I would like to show off.

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Thu, 03-22-2012 - 12:03am

Have you considered a monokini? Here is an example

Not quite a two piece but not a one piece either, and will show your tatt at a guess.

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Thu, 03-22-2012 - 11:11am

Your body type sounds a little like my sisters. She's a little self-conscience about her upper half but she likes her lower half. She wears a cute tankini style that has a fuller coverage top that still shows a little of her abdomen. Hers has a