Designer knockoffs

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Designer knockoffs
Sun, 06-05-2005 - 2:02am

Hi Ladies-

I apologize if this question is off-topic, but I couldn/'t find a board that seemed right to post this on :)

Does anybody konw of a good website for designer knock-offs? I'm mainly looking for handbags...Prada, Kate Spade, etc.

Thanks in advance!

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Tue, 06-07-2005 - 12:37am

Hi Orca.

I know there are many sites out there that sell imitations.



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Tue, 06-14-2005 - 1:07pm

Plan on coming to NYC anytime soon? If so, go to Canal Street. You can get ANYTHING (tshirts, bags, ghetto gold, silver jewelry, great Chinese dumplings, fireworks-that's a BIG deal here, awesome Italian food).

As for buying them online, my thing is buyer beware. I would check out ebay though. The reason I say to be careful is bc you can't see the actual work. A lot of fakes don't have a good lining, poor stitching, flimsy material. You may spend 50-100 on a fake & it breaks in a month. Whereas you could have saved that money towards a real Coach bag.

Year ago I use to buy fake Louies (Vuitton) from Canal. They would break after using them for like 2 months.

I don't what area you live in, but consignment shops may also have the real deal. Rich people get rid of the craziest things. My father is a doorman in one of those ugly hi rise east side buildings. We've gotten furniture (almost brand new), electronics..... So if you live near a hoity part of town see if there are consignment shops around. And again if you ever come to this God foresaken city, there are a few here too.