Designer labels

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Designer labels
Mon, 02-07-2005 - 5:26pm

How do you feel about them? Are they something you HAVE to have or can you live without them? Personally I could care less about the designer as long as the style and fit suit me.

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Mon, 02-07-2005 - 9:29pm

I'm with you, Pat.



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Sat, 02-12-2005 - 9:33am

Unless I find it at a thrift store, consignment shop, yard sale, or other second hand outlets, I avoid designer labeles. Also, if there is a blatant logo on the clothing, I don't buy it at all. To me paying for designer clothing is just paying for the name. It's not me. I can go out clothed and looking good, without designer labels. As for the blatant labels, Mr. Big Name Designer can pay ME the big bucks to advertise for HIM. The other evening I was idly flipping. It was one of those evenings that come about once a week where my mind doesn't settle enough to read or even get on-line and play. I stopped at the Nick and Jessica show on MTV. They were leaving for a trip to Nap Valley. Jessica had a matched set of Louis Vuitton (sp?) luggage, complete with a dog carrier, that didn't look too sturdy. My thought was, "Gee, I bet Louis Vuitton appreciates the free advertising/endoresement." (The endorsement being Jessica using the luggage. You know, If JESSICA is using LV luggage, then I'll get some too.) With all of the overpriced freebies I hear the gabillionaire Hollywood-ites getting, I almost wouldn't be surprised if LV PAID or GAVE the luggage to Jessica for the camera time.

Like I said, if they want me to advertise for them, they can pay me. The only time I go out with "advertising" on my clothes is when I wear my Capital University or Ohio University sweatshirts. (I didn't go to those schools. My husband went to OU; My parents, a second cousin, two uncles, an aunt and my sister all went to Capital and despite my grades not being good enough in high school and now it being out of my price range, I still think it's a great school. Also, my husband is going to the "sister" seminary, wherre my father and one aforementioned uncle attended. I have no college degree.)

Okay. I'm digressing.



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Sun, 02-13-2005 - 9:14pm

The designer doesn't matter. I care about how it looks on me and how comfortable it is.

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Mon, 02-14-2005 - 2:46pm

Hi - new here! I was checking out the new format and thought I'd browse some of the boards I've never been to.

I guess I'm the only one who goes for label.

But I do the majority of my shopping at thrift shops, so I'm getting high quality product for very low prices.

I just think that the fabric, construction and fit are higher quality with labels.

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Sun, 03-20-2005 - 11:56pm

I personally could live without them. Its all about comfort. Now my jeans - I found to be Tommy Hilfiger - no ifs ands or buts about it - they are more comfortable for my body style.
Anything else more or less goes.

I bought a cheap pant suit for a MAJOR interview. People even in upper management makeing serious money really liked it. Everyone wanted to know where I got it. I spent 20$ on it. yes - I got the job. And people still comment on my cheap pant suit. :)

I'm looking for a more expensive one - but am having troubles - they all seem so bland with no cut.

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Mon, 03-21-2005 - 7:33am

I do not go for "designer" so much as I will try stores 1st if I have had good experiences with the clothes and a good shopping experience there before. I really do like Ann Taylor for well-made, semi-classic clothing. I am lucky enough to have an Ann Taylor outlet an hour from me that is great for stocking up on t's, etc. I enjoy shopping and have great finds from all kinds of labels. I shop for fashionable pieces that will not be too dated to wear again in 1, 5 or 10 yrs; if they still fit ;-)


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