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Dress Me!
Wed, 08-10-2005 - 7:41pm
Are there any places that you can go to that teach you how to match clothing and teach you how to apply clothing? Just Curious TY
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Wed, 08-10-2005 - 11:58pm

Welcome Seebee.



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Thu, 08-11-2005 - 11:51am

Hi Seebee and welcome!

Although it is ultimately up to you to decide what makes you look and feel most comfortable, there are definitely some easy ways to find assistance when it comes to clothing and fashion - to which I can testify as a man who occasionally favors women's apparel for my own style expression. :)

Among the things to consider when trying to identify clothing styles suited for your feature are your hair/eye color, skin tone, and body type. For this reason, it might be a good idea to make an appointment for a consultation at a local, independent, full-service salon. Most will gladly do this for you for minimal (if any) cost, and that way you can get direct and immediate input when it comes to things like colors and styles - everything from clothing and accessories to hairstyles and cosmetics.

Similarly, visit a favorite small boutique. The owner will often be quite glad to schedule a private appointment with you at no obligation; tell her in advance what kind of assistance you would like and she will almost certainly give you plenty of useful feedback. (Department store chains are often understaffed, and the manager is often more interested in her commission or her next promotion than she is in her actual clients.)

As Chris pointed out, depending on how thorough you'd like to get there are also many self-help guides available...for example, this one I just located via the internet includes a DVD called Fundamentals of Style, which appears to provide some assistance from everything to basic wardrobe items, how to shop for them, their fit and feel, blending and creating multiple outfits, and accessories:


And there's always any number of fashion catalogs you can use as a guide! If nothing else, they contain plenty of looks to compare and contrast, and you don't even need to pay an annual subscription to receive them. ;)

I hope this is of some help! Hugs and have a great day,

Chris (the male)

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