The Fashion Confessional

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The Fashion Confessional
Fri, 07-15-2005 - 2:14pm

Can you recall an embarrassing moment in your life that revolved around a fashion faux pas, a style risk gone too far, or involved clothing in any capacity? If so, pull up a keyboard and make your confession! (Bear in mind I am not ordained - so I am unable to offer you any sort of fashion absolution. LOL)

For me, I can remember an incident in particular: When I was an impressionable high schooler in the mid-1980s, I suddenly became very fashion conscious and logically figured that quietly taking cues from my classmate who had been voted best-dressed in our junior high yearbook would be a good idea. So for two weeks in my freshman year, I studiously noted every element of his daily attire, to use as a learning device (*not* for shameless copying). But of course I took it too far once when I happened to notice a particular shirt one day at a store in the mall, virtually identical to one of his own (same manufacturer, design, and pattern, but in different colors). Naturally I pestered my mom to buy it for me and she did, and I was quite thrilled, looking forward to showing the school how hip I was. (LOL)

Of course, wouldn't you know that the first two times I happened to wear it to school, my classmate happened to wear his as well! Being football teammates, we both joked about and it was quite entertaining to some of the students and at the time I didn't mind the attention...although in retrospect it's clear that many people must have naturally concluded that I was consciously aping his look. So in the process of trying to look trendy, I merely looked like a mindless conformist. (*blushing*)

Now I have my own style and I don't follow anyone's fashion plate in particular...timeless and classic are the way to go for me! I'm not going to drop a sizable sum every year on the latest trends - most of which I don't much like anyway. ;)

There, I feel better now having gotten that off my chest. :) Trust me, you will too!