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Iv been invited to the Press night of a new west end show in London, South pacific!

What shoud i wear? does anyone know what the dress code on press night is?


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I found a site called "Theatermonkey" that is about theater in London, here is the website:

This is what he says about dress code:



There is NO formal dress code in any London Theatre.

Once when this monkeys' uncle was a monkeys' great-grandson, the term Dress Circle meant just that - full Evening Dress for all seated there, or else. Now dress is almost always informal - think "what would I wear to dine in a favourite local restaurant" - and there you will have the maximum folk usually rise to when attending the theatre.

Theatremonkeys can get away with jeans, sweatshirts and trainers at all performances except first nights and the first Saturday evening of a new show when a sober lounge suit should get an airing. Comfort is first on the list. In general, suits, jackets, slacks or casual wear are acceptable for men at almost all times - casual especially during the afternoons. Suits really are only compulsory at openings, but are frequently seen on weekend evenings.

Monkeyesses as usual have a sartorial minefield to negotiate. Dress for comfort and to embarrass any hairy companion to look good for you. As for theatremonkeys, casual is fine at most performances, dresses, slacks, jeans and sweatshirts all acceptable. First nights require a smart but comfortable evening attire, not elaborate unless you are a celebrity though! Weekend evenings too can be a bit dressier than a weekday.

On a Saturday evening, denim is not really appropriate for either gender if one is sitting in the Stalls or Dress Circle. The monkey does not know why, but finds it to be so, based on observation!

One tip though, if sitting anywhere but the Stalls, monkeyesses should consider skirt length carefully. Your knees will often be at head height to the person in front. A monkeyesse of the theatremonkey site's acquaintance wore a microskirt and spent the performance in mortal terror of offering a view to the gentleman in front which he hadn't reckoned on. This is passed on purely for information. But Theatremonkey thinks it is worth knowing.

In general London nights are cool, even in summer. It is worth remembering a warm garment if you have a long journey home after the evening performance as temperatures will have plummeted while you enjoyed the show. This tip also beats an over enthusiastic air conditioning system too.

Sounds like casual, but within limits is the key. Have a great time