How do you get skinny pants off if you have big feet?

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How do you get skinny pants off if you have big feet?
Tue, 05-13-2014 - 10:45am

I know this is going to sound absolutely crazy but I have really big feet and it makes trying to get skinny leg pants a real chore to get off. I absolutely love the look of the pants but it's almost not worth the trouble of trying to get them off. Does anyone else have trouble getting them off over your ankles and feet? Maybe my feet are even larger than I realize?!

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Go to a tailor have then cut a seem 3" long fron cuff up then double stich and bar stich.  Or have then custom made or have the tailor put in zippers.  Lots of ways to fix.  Custom jeans are another option.  Especially if you have thick calves and or ankles.


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Have you tried the pants with the zippers at the ankles? I think they look really neat and it may help you get them on and off more easily.