how much $$ on clothes/year?

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how much $$ on clothes/year?
Tue, 08-16-2005 - 2:17pm

Hi all, I'm new to this board but I've been lurking for a while. I was just curious to see how much money would you say you spend on clothes for yourself during a one year period? It doesn't have to be a set number...just an average. I used to spend a ton of money on clothes when I was in college and wanted to look fashionable and trendy all the time. Now, I still like to look good but I don't really spend a ton of money on designer clothes, instead, I buy good quality clothes from the GAP, Old Navy, express, NY&Co...etc..I'm really happy with the way I look in these less expenssive clothes. I'd say that I spend about $1,000/year on clothes for myself (I know...not a whole lot). My husband probably spends $200 on clothes for him...Hehehe!

Thank you in advance!


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Tue, 08-16-2005 - 2:23pm
I would say probally about the same 1000 a year and my dh spens a quater of that on clothes for himself I shop at old navy gap outlet jc penney ny&co charollette russ Nothing too pricey and I ussally shop the sale and clearance racks
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Tue, 08-16-2005 - 8:50pm

I have no clue.



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