I need some style...

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I need some style...
Tue, 04-12-2005 - 6:50pm

Well, over the last 6 months or so, I have lost about 70 pounds. Before, I was never concerned with style--it was hard enough just to find clothes to cover everything! *cringe*

Obviously, nothing fits anymore, so I have had to buy new things. I don't want to spend a fortune right now, since I still have more to lose, but I since I have to buy SOMETHING in the meantime, I want to look pulled-together. I know I am not a trendsetter, but I do want to look more "polished" than I do currently. I am a SAHM with a part-time job working with kids once a week. I homeschool my 2 sons (no, that does not automatically mean I am a fundamentalist, and wear only denim jumpers and Birkenstocks!) I am in and out of the house on errands and appointments between lessons and housework.

I already have bought some khaki pants and some stretch t-shirts (long sleeve, 3/4 sleeve, short sleeve, V neck and crew neck, various colors). I have a pair of navy canvas slip-ons and tan leather flat sandals. How can I look a little more stylish without investing a ton of money in clothes that aren't going to fit for very long?

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Tue, 04-12-2005 - 10:35pm
It sounds like you are on the right track with getting the basics. The first thing I thought when I read your post and you said that you wanted to look polished but did want to spend a lot of $ because you were still losing weight(congratulations, by the way) was jewelery,(inexpensive bracelets, necklaces, maybe a silky scarf type thing and a cute handbag, of course) it's a good way to tie your seperates together and add some color for cheap, and you can obviously still wear it when you drop a few more sizes. A blazer is always a good choice esp with khakis and denim, I've seen some cute ones at target, maybe a denim skirt, they are pretty inexpensive and basic- think Kmart or walmart, they are just as cute as the ones at the mall in my opinion. I know you did'nt mention your hair, but updating your cut will always help ya look more stylish. Good Luck!
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Wed, 04-13-2005 - 1:42am

Welcome Gwen.



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