Image makeover please!!

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Image makeover please!!
Thu, 07-28-2005 - 11:39pm
I went through college with the same long highlighted blonde hair I had in highschool. After college I met my dh and for the last 7 years I have been a stay at home mom. Luckily I am the same weight I was in highschool and I have that going for me. The bad part is that I have been wearing the same clothes and hairstyle that I had in highschool due to the fact of staying home and being a mommy and not needing to look updated. Now I am going to head back to a part time job AND my oldest is starting school (I will be part of the PTA) and we have more money for all the little extras I have been depriving myself of. I am tired of looking 90s and I always get that I look about 20. Even my family physician looked at my chart again and said "I bet you get that you look 18 alot!" This would be a compliment except I don't want to look 18. Especially with a dh that is 12 years older than me (I am 31) he gets the "dirty old man" look a lot. I am 5'4" 115 with a round face blue eyes and ash blonde hair that is down to my mid back and fine/thin a little scraggly. Many women my age talk down to me not realizing I am their age and I get tired of it. I especially don't want this to happen when I become part of the PTA and start working. I also get that from sales people who aren't aware that I am older. I want to look trendy, sophisticated, polished and chic. More my age without resorting to matronly clothing or a granny hair-do. I have been out of the mainstream so long I don't even know what is trendy now or how to be trendy without being *teen* if that makes sense? I am more of a nicole ritchie before her makeover. I was wondering if anyone had hair style ideas, clothing suggestions, where to shop suggestions, and overall style suggestions? Apart from that I don't think there is anything I am doing personality wise, I cut out all the "likes, and ya knows, and yeahs" in my speach but any other suggestions on how to be more poised are welcome. Also if there are any websites or books out there I would love some sugestions.
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Fri, 07-29-2005 - 6:48pm

Jeez... tricky.
My suggestion is, if you're not already doing it, wear solid colors, and keep the colors pale. No bright, flashy colors or styles. Try to go for fashionable, but slightly plain.
I suggest colors such as beige and navy blue. Try to have a slightly professional look. It'll make you look more serious and mature, and that's probably what you're going for.

Don't completely give up on fashion and fun-loving stuff, just, if you wear clothing like that, people take you less seriously. You don't have to look stiff, but try to achieve some sort of slightly businesslike, I-know-what-I'm-doing look. It might not work, but it might be something you'd like to try.

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Fri, 07-29-2005 - 7:25pm

Go to a department store, but a good one, like Marshall Fields, Nordstrom, Macys's. You don't have to buy everything from there, but most of the time, the women in there have made a career of making women over and helping them choose styles that are appropriate. Then find a nice hair salon that has a reputation and let them give you some recommendations for you to choose from. Typically, you want to go somewhere that is a little bit more high end in cost because they tend to be very picky about the stylists that they hire. This may not always be true but I would say it is about 90% accurate.

One tip, for a hair style, try something short and layered, maybe with a razor cut. It makes the hair choppy, but older, trendy, and sophisticated.