It's been a while so... Fashion Yes or What Were They Thinking???

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It's been a while so... Fashion Yes or What Were They Thinking???
Fri, 02-01-2013 - 1:05pm

I missed the price on these, but that's okay, I don't think I would buy them at any price.


Genesis Fabric Print Lace Up Boot In Burgundy by Bucco

• Stylish and chic, these beautiful and bold boots are sure to be a hit!
 Color: Burgundy
 Composition: Upper: 100% Polyurethane, Sole: 100% Rubber
 Origin: China

What do you say?

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Hmmm... I actually like the fabric; reminds me of a tapestry handbag I once had. But as shoes, not so drawn to them; they're just too busy for me. I'd probably go for them if they were a solid color.

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I actually love them! I would never wear heels that big, but I love anything tapestry, so it's a yes from me.

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The heels are to daunting for me!  And the fabric unfortunately makes me think of needlepoint from my childhood.  Wink

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Ugh. I don't like that shoe at all!

I remember being in junior high and thinking then that some of the dresses in fashion looked like upholstery at my grandma's house; that shoe fabric isn't any better!


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