Mature Woman Wedding Dress

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Mature Woman Wedding Dress
Fri, 01-31-2014 - 4:02pm

I am fifty-plus and getting married in a small religious ceremony sometime this summer.   This will be my second wedding and I definitely will not want to wear a white (or off-white) "wedding dress."  But I would like to wear something special, and I prefer long dresses.

My main question is whether it would be too odd for me to wear a long dress if the wedding is in the morning or early afternoon.  (I don't like short dresses--I wear slacks or longish skirts all the time.)  

So far, I have been looking at "mother of the bride" dresses as more appropriate to my circumstances, but also at "evening gowns."  The problem is a lot of it is rather fussy. The simpler gowns all seem to be black which is not a good color for a bride. :)    I would like a rich color (because I am pale and would look washed out in a pastel), but I don't want a loud color or a color that is too dark.    My coloring is fair with hazel eyes and pepper-and-salt brown hair, so I am looking into blues and greens.  Gray also looks good on me, but I worry it might be too melancholy.   Any thoughts?

My second question is whether I could get away with chiffon or a similar lightweight "dressy" material if that is all I can find for long dresses. (The bulk of the "maxis" I have seen are more like beach wear and/or have large patterns which would not be suitable for our church ceremony.)

To complicate matters further, I am overweight--160 lbs at 5'3".  I would be looking for something with short or mid-length sleeves, and although I can handle some cleavage (I have an abundant and not unattractive bosom) I don't want a low back.  I like princess cut or empire waist as the most flattering for me.  Any other ideas for a "full-figured" overweight gal past her prime?

The ceremony will include our adult children (who will walk with us down the aisle).    I am thinking corsages for the women and buttonholes for the men, but  beyond that I figure people will wear what they want--and the women will probably wear short dresses unless I ask them to do otherwise. (And it does seem a bit fussy, for a small daytime wedding at my age.)   If my fiance's granddaughters and grandson wish to be part of the wedding party, and their mothers agree, we will find something for them to do. In such a case, I may have the girls wear flower crowns and the boy a button-hole because that will make them feel special. Again, they would wear whatever party clothes their parents choose.  There will be between 30 and 40 guests in addition to the "bridal party."  All of us would be walking a few blocks from the church to a nearby restaurant for the "reception."

So-- can I get away with a long dress,  and if I can't find plainer fabric (so far there seems to be nothing in rayon or cotton that would work for my age and style) would chiffon or tafetta be okay for a June (or July) informal daytime wedding?    Any thoughts on colors?

Do I need a bouquet, or would it be better to dispense with it given that it is a small second wedding?

I know that the catchword is "anything goes," but I'm not a big trendsetter, and would prefer to stay on the quiet side.


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Fri, 01-31-2014 - 9:47pm

I think any of these would be fine.$thumbnail$&wid=229&hei=298

You could also get a 2 piece, top &, jacket like THIS,$thumbnail$&wid=229&hei=298   and a separate long OR mid calf skirt.

You can certainly carry a bouquet, if you wish.  I would make it nosegay size, tho.

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Thu, 04-17-2014 - 3:06am

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