Moms--What do you refuse to wear??

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Moms--What do you refuse to wear??
Thu, 04-21-2005 - 2:23am

This is directed toward any moms on this board (I'm one myself). I've frequently noticed that once women become mothers their sense of style changes--and sometimes seems to completely evaporate. With little ones of my own I do realize the need for comfort. And I've heard some verbalize their opinions of how mothers "should" dress (no short skirts, bikinis, etc.)

Personally I love trendy clothes and hate the notion of the overly conservative (read "frumpy") mom decked out in roomy drop-waist denim jumpers and "sensible" shoes. I wear a size 4 and work out daily and just don't see the point in hiding my body under oversized clothing. There are, however, things I definitely won't wear in large part because I AM a mom. I won't ever wear any thong-backed swimsuits, super low rise jeans that show butt crack when sitting down, shorts that are short enough to show butt cheeks, any garmets with vulgar sayings on them (slightly suggestive is okay, like some of the t-shirts Abercrombie sells), or anything bearing Playboy or Hustler logos. Nor would I wear any t-shirts that are insulting or demeaning in any way.

Is there anything that you wouldn't wear because you are a mom?

FYI--I just wnated to add that the clothing mentioned above I never would have worn as a single childless woman either. But I especially won't wear it now that I'm a mom of young children.

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Thu, 04-21-2005 - 1:19pm

Well I'm not a mom personally but I've seen my Mom change her style a lot over the years. She is definately more conservative now than she used to be.

My Mom takes really good care of herself and has a nice body so she still wears things that are young looking and flattering to her figure but she is always tasteful and classy.

I know she wears thong panties and she used to have a thong swimsuit but she never wore it out in public. She does wear low rise jeans but not the super low ones that show too much. She would never allow her panties to show.

I do think most women tone down their look a little after having children and I think that's appropriate but my mom is proof that you can still look great wearing flattering clothes.

Great topic to bring BTW...


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Thu, 04-21-2005 - 2:24pm

I'm a mom, and a grandma, and I HATE that jumper you are talking about. I have never and would never wear it. Sensible shoes .. I have a pair, but not in the "granny" style, and I do wear heels once in a while. I still wear jeans, leggings, shorts, but not the "Daisy Duke" style ones. I never saw the appeal there, even when I was skinny. I don't / can't wear regular t-shirt style tops, can't breath with the neck on them, and never saw the sense to some of the things they print on t-shirts.
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Fri, 04-22-2005 - 2:01pm
Hi Mojo, I will make it very simple. I will only dress in what would be interpreted as CLASS. I's important to look god which helps you feel good This, also, applies to knock around and casual, clothing. When you dress this way your amily will be proud and respectful of you. It' important not to lose your identity while doing this, but it's comfortable and becomes CLASS. Does this make since???? Lariea
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Tue, 04-26-2005 - 11:35am

I dress conservatively, but not (too) frumpy. I think DH would like a little more skin or shape to show when we go out, but that has never really been my style. In high school, I was a Gap girl: white tops, khaki pants or shorts, occ. jeans. I have never cared for tacky t's with sayings on them, except I will wear my Art Festival, or Fundraiser T's if I am trying to drum up awareness for a local event (ie. Amer. Cancer Society "Making Strides" walk for Breast Cancer Awareness). DH used to wear band/concert t's or sports team stuff, now we were our "Ross's Mom" or "Coach" t's for son's t-ball league!

My SAHM mom attire is mostly jeans or capris, that sit just below the natural waist. I definately want to be able to bend over to pick up a sippy cup without flashing anyone! I wear sweaters & boots in the cooler months and fitted, but not too tight t's and sandals or cute tennies in the warmer months. For evenings out, nice slacks and fitted tops usually fit the bill: I prefer slacks as we love Thai food and I like the floor tables. ;-)

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Tue, 04-26-2005 - 11:42am

Well I'm not a mom but just wanted to add in some observations here. I work in a hair salon and see alot of moms and how they dress and I do think it's possible to be trendy and sexy without being slutty and over the top about it. I think it's not just about clothes but alot of things really.

A neighbor I have comes to mind. She's 34 and married and a mom of 3 that has a great body. She comes to mind as someone who has struck the balance in looking sexy but not slutty and I seen the way men react to her vs. their reactions to ones that look more trashy. She wears clothes that show off her figure well, like in the summer she does wear somewhat short shorts but they always cover her butt and she is not hanging out of them. Some of her dresses and tops do show a little cleavage but not so much that it looks rediculous like she's gonna fall out of her top in any second. Thre's a pool in our subdivision and she wears bikinis sometimes but they aren't thong cut or overly skimpy up top. She looks sexy but not rediculous. I seen mens reactions to her and seem to be favorable but then I seen them shake their heads like in disgust when other women wear real skimpy clothes with everything all hanging out and looking slutty. It's a difference of degree. And like I was saying it's not just about the clothes. My neighbor is a very nice person with a good heart and it shows and she's pretty smart too. She acts like a classy woman, her behavior is classy. My older brother is 27 and he says he thinks she's a sexy woman and he says he thinks so because she knows how to be sexy without being trashy or indecent about it. Alot of the other neighbor women I know her age are all about covering up and just aren't that into fashion and they look more utilitarian and no nonsense moms. It's like they blend into the background wherever they go. I think some of them dress like that because they lost their figures after having kids, I don't know. I think moms that age like my neighbor you don't see alot of. The ones that don't look so no frills try to be sexy and end up looking like a Christina Aguilera video so I think the right balance is hard to come by. I think moms can dress sexy but they need to do it in a more understated way. KWIM??