Morning wedding, what to wear??

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Morning wedding, what to wear??
Mon, 03-07-2005 - 11:53pm

My sister is getting married for the second time this coming June. The wedding will take place around 10am at a country club, but the country club is not luxurious is very simple and with open spaces. What kind of clothes should I wear since she is getting married in the morning and it is a civil marriage?

Also what should my mom wear? What about the men?

I really dont have a clue what to wear to a morning civil wedding. I mean I believe a dress is way to formal since the club is not luxurious and it will take place in an open space, not inside the country club.

As far as I know my sister the color she chose for her clothes will be light blue with cream so she is buying shoes, jewerly and the rest in that pastel color. I even think she is buying pants.

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Tue, 03-08-2005 - 2:46pm


I would wear the same attire you might wear to a business meeting or a meeting with a client. Wear a nice knee length skirted suit and hose with a pair of pumps. Or better yet, go for nice long pants and a great pair of tall heels for a nice dressy look without hose (or with if you like hose).

Enjoy the wedding!

Cindy ; - )

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Thu, 03-10-2005 - 11:51pm

Welcome Rainita.



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