Mother of the groom dress

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Mother of the groom dress
Tue, 06-07-2011 - 12:12pm

My son is getting married this fall and I'm checking out dresses for the wedding. What do you think of this dress? It's an outside wedding, at an arborteum, in October in Minnesota. DH points out that it isn't long sleeve ... the issue is it could be 80 (last year it was) or snowing / raining and freezing. What do

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Fri, 06-10-2011 - 11:56am

Oooo... so we get to help you narrow down choices? Awesome!

From what I could tell, it looks nice, but I'd definitely want to try it on first. The type of fabric and the way it falls can really make a difference. What colors does it come in?

Might want to get a pretty shawl to toss on with it, in case the weather decides to turn chilly. Although knowing how crazy the weather has been for you over the past months, you may be accessorizing with snow boots and a heavy cape!

Fingers crossed the weather decides to play nice for you guys... at least that particular day! :smileywink:

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Wed, 06-15-2011 - 6:59pm

Hi Pat!

If the weather permits, that seems like a great style.

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Thu, 06-16-2011 - 4:42pm

I agree with Brenda and Chris.