The Secrets Under Our Clothes

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The Secrets Under Our Clothes
Mon, 06-24-2013 - 4:54pm

 As the weather gets warm and the sun comes out, our style begins to suffer. We get pit stains on our best blouses and the odor is so embarrasing. Regular undershirts aren't working and sometimes deodorants are just not enough. Well I've found this revolutionary undershirt called Nudy Patooty that saves our clothes, our wallets from the dry cleaners, and our overall look around town. 

Nudy Patooty is made by Michelle Shemilt who was a model turned designer. She made Nudy Patoty for her own presonal reasons and decided to take it global. The super soft garment is made from 95% bamboo and 5% polyester, so it absorbs all the sweat and stink that comes from working hard and playing hard. I think this garment can become a women's fashion staple. 

For more about it visit:

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Tue, 06-25-2013 - 9:33am

Have you tried this undergarment yourself? If so, do you think it actually did what it claimed?

I think it's a good idea!


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Tue, 06-25-2013 - 4:07pm
Cool. It's good idea !
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Tue, 02-04-2014 - 1:51pm
Interesting! However the idea of bamboo as as part of my clothing makes me feel itchy... must be those childhood experiences. I hope someone can post a feedback about the product here.