Sharing a vintage find with every1 here

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Sharing a vintage find with every1 here
Fri, 02-25-2005 - 11:49am

Hey girls,

I just signed up today...and just love the site here. I can see myself making sooo many new friends.

Well, I posted in another ivillage board about a GREAT find i got. I dont have many friends near my house, and have more online...I was so excited to tell someone about this bargain piece, and figured why be greedy and keep the site to myself...I dont have enough money anyways to buy all their deals.

I bought a vintage full length princess cut leather coat...oh my...its so HOT. The other best part, it only cost me $ joking around. Wished they had a lay-away-plan, let me know if you find anything nice...would love to hear if I was able to help someone save money and look hot too...bye for now...girls

C U Soon,

Lisa S

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Mon, 02-28-2005 - 10:51am

This is MY area of expertise!!!

I go thrifting twice a week - every Wednesday and Saturday. I get a load of great things every time! This past Saturday, I got a 100% cashmere cardigan from Club Monaco, a vintage Isaac Mizrahi pantsuit, a pair of Merrells, a Jones New York sweater, an Old Navy beige wool turtleneck, sundry books and other items. In the past, I have gotten a pair of Michael Kors boots, a pair of Bruno Magli heels, a vintage Halston silk blouse, a vintage Christian Dior sweater, a vintage Oscar de la Renta blazer, and a ton of other great vintage and NEW items that I can't remember now. Most of these things I have paid $1 each for on "dollar day". It is AWESOME! I have TWO closets FULL of clothes that I got for what ONE of my Banana Republic coats would have cost retail. I have a great work wardrobe, a great play wardrobe, a great lounge wardrobe and a great vintage wardrobe all from shopping thrift. It is the ONLY way to go for me!

(Yes, I'm a wardrobe-aholic!)

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