Stripes on pants?

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Stripes on pants?
Fri, 07-22-2005 - 6:22pm


i was just wondering if a pin stripe (white) dont the sides of pants would attract more attention to thighs? These are gym pants to bemore specifc. Does it matter whether or not the stripe is wide, yet vertical? I know tripes can be slimming, but i was hesitant 'cuz it was white.


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Mon, 07-25-2005 - 12:11pm


I don't think it matters that there's a white stripe going down the side. After all, these are workout pants so no one will probably think twice about it, especially if you're just wearing them at the gym.

If you're wearing them in public, it still will not matter. You will just look casual. Most people don't look at workout pants and expect much in the way of a fashion statement.

One thing I would avoid however is the "dressed-up" gym pants look. I know it sounds wierd but I've seen some gals wearing heels lately with gym pants in a strange attempt to look a little more dressed up while being comfortable. This is not a good look IMO.

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