Title: White jeans. Which one to buy? He

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Title: White jeans. Which one to buy? He
Wed, 05-18-2005 - 5:06pm

Hi everybody,

I want to get a pair of white jeans but I'm at a lost regarding the best ones. I'm undecided upon which label to get. I'm partially inclined to a pair of Citizens of Humanity in Ingrid.
I found them in this website, check them out and let me know your opinions.

I want to here your suggestions. Help.

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Wed, 05-18-2005 - 5:14pm
I'm not a fan of any colored jeans, but these are cute. I tend to go for an even lower rise. The over all cut is fine, though.
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Wed, 05-18-2005 - 10:46pm

Hi Lialia and welcome.

Those jeans are cute.



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Thu, 05-19-2005 - 2:43pm
I have to agree with Chris. the jeans are cute, and a nice cut, not too low or high, but I can't see paying that kind of money for a pair of jeans, in any color.
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Sat, 05-21-2005 - 1:26pm

Not sure what kind of style jeans you're looking for. I personally wear Levis most of the time. I do have a few other brands that are more expensive but I find the Levis to fit the best and be most comfortable.

I have a pair of white Levis 512 Slimfit jeans that I wear quite often. These are not low rise or flared jeans as I like jeans that sit at the natural waist and have a straiter leg but I'm sure Levis makes white jeans available in their more trendy styles.

Good Luck!