What the heck is semi-formal?

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What the heck is semi-formal?
Mon, 04-04-2005 - 2:39am
My boyfriend invited me to his piano competition down in Tijuana two weeks from now, and he says the attire is semi-formal. There's an after-party of sorts following the competition, which we'll both be attending. What exactly IS semi-formal? Since he's performing, he'll be wearing nice black pants, either a colored or white shirt, a tie, and a suit jacket. Also, we'll be down in TJ from 4pm to after midnight, so should I stay in whatever I wear all day (I imagine I won't be looking as great by the time 10:00 rolls around if that's the case), or find a place to change at some point, or . . . ? Help!
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Mon, 04-04-2005 - 9:44am

Good morning,

A semiformal basically means moderately dressy - a via media between casual and formal. The idea would be a dress or a nice suit, as opposed to a formal evening gown. Think about what you would wear to a business luncheon - or a dinner date with your boyfriend at a very nice restaurant - and you'll be just fine. :)

Since it sounds like you'll have a lengthy day ahead of you, you should plan to remain in one outfit throughout the day. It would therefore be a good idea to put together a look that's reasonably comfortable as well as fashionably stimulating; you'll want to feel relaxed and attractive throughout and not feel the need for anything more than a quick freshening of your makeup.

Have a great time south of the border!