What should I wear?

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What should I wear?
Wed, 03-16-2005 - 8:04am

Hey Girls!

I am going to NYC to see Phantom of the Opera at the end of April. I am not sure what to wear! It's a Saturday night show at 8:00. I have read that people are more casual when going to Broadway shows now a days but I would think that for a matinee, not a night show. Also, I was wondering what my fiancee should wear? There's should be a dress code or something! I am so confused, the weather is unpredictable in April!! Please help!


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Thu, 03-17-2005 - 12:52pm

Hi Savvy and welcome.

Nowadays, going to a Broadway show isn't as fancy



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Mon, 04-04-2005 - 5:12pm
Don’t agree with wearing jeans or wearing something “casual” to attend a play in NYC. Hello – it’s BROADWAY! Back in the day – attending the theater was one of the few times people got to dress up. I just don’t understand this whole “dressing down” phenomenon that seems to happening. It’s like the “dumbing down of style and fashion.” Nor do I understand why you would be concerned with what everybody else is wearing. I live by the motto – “it’s better to be OVER dressed than UNDER dressed.” Again, that’s just me – I like to stand out from the crowd. I’m not saying that a tux and a ball gown have to be worn, but I think a nice dress or skirt and blouse would be appropriate. That way, you could carry a wrap or shawl. As for your fiancée, I think a nice part of slacks and a button shirt would be nice.
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Wed, 04-27-2005 - 1:43pm
Hi, have been to many plays in NYC and you can wear whatever you want. People go in jeans, I usually wear something nice but comfy since I usually walk around for a while.