what to wear to a cookout?

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what to wear to a cookout?
Sun, 05-08-2005 - 7:05pm

Hi everyone. I have a cookout in a couple of weeks for a friend of mines b-day. I know there is going to be alot of single men there. So my question is.....
I was just wondering what you would suggest to wear to a cookout? I want to look sexy but casual at the same time. Most of my jeans are designer and only look good with high heals, is that overdoing it for a cookout and do you think my heals would sink in the ground??? Any suggestions on outfits for this...Thanks!!!


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Mon, 05-09-2005 - 12:49pm

I don't think high heels are overdoing it, especially with a nice pair of jeans... that is the current style.

You will want to consider a few things though:

1) What is the terrain like... flat, hilly?
2) Will it rain? you could ruin your shoes or hurt yourself.
3) How high is the heel and what style it it? Stiletto narrow heel or a broad wide heel?

If the ground is farly flat and hard you could wear a tall narrow heel; but if the ground is anything less that flat and hard I would go with a wider more supportive high heel.

Make sure your jeans aren't so long that they drag in the mud. Heels should help with this.

Have Fun,

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Mon, 05-09-2005 - 2:19pm

I agree w/ the other poster - where will it be held?

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Mon, 05-09-2005 - 5:10pm
Thanks for the tips.
Not sure of the terrain because I have never been to the house (its at my friends boyfriends friends house) but from what I hear we will be hanging outside most of the day(if it doesn't rain that is). I would consider flip flops or flatter shoes but again most of my jeans are designer and bootcut and they look funny with anything but a high thin heal. I just don't want to sink into the ground with stiletos on. I could always bring another pair of shoes and leave them in the car also i guess.
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Tue, 05-10-2005 - 1:57pm

Welcome Katie!

Have you thought about capris?



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Wed, 05-11-2005 - 10:32am
It sounds like your friends might be a little less casual than the people I know, but still, I think stilettos to a barbeque is overdressed. While the hosts might appreciate your aerating their lawn, you won't have time to flirt if you're too busy trying not to trip walking around outside in fancy shoes.
For sexy and casual, how about a jean or chino skirt with a tight t-shirt and flats or wedges (maybe espadrilles)? Or wear wide-heeled boots with your boot cut jeans. Or one of those cute strapless sundresses with flat sandals or a wedge heel--but only if you won't have to be too active, sit on the ground, or do anything that makes going strapless risky.
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Tue, 05-17-2005 - 12:18am
Hi Katieann! I think the ideal outfit would be a pretty , colorful, spaghetti strapped su dress with pretty sandals or slides. I think if you carry yourself well and get the most out of having a good time, you'll be noticed and interest in you will go from there.Forget the high heels. This could look overboard. This would be better for a date! Show you're having a good time and things will happen! Good Luck. Lariea