white before memorial day

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white before memorial day
Tue, 04-26-2005 - 7:34pm
I bought these great white crop pants and I want to wear them, but is it too early to wear white?
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Wed, 04-27-2005 - 11:33am
I guess for me, I say go for it. I tend to be more of the believer that after Easter, white is acceptable. Seems to me that if I were to wait until Memorial day, it wouldn't be worth buying white. But, what shoes are YOU going to wear with them (see my post about shoes and capris, I need HELP!! :) )
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Wed, 04-27-2005 - 1:24pm

I wore white jeans with a pastel-colored sweater myself a couple of weeks ago, when visiting a public garden on a pleasant weekend afternoon.

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Wed, 04-27-2005 - 11:32pm

Welcome Hat!



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Thu, 04-28-2005 - 5:48pm
i think you could... as long as you were maybe in a warmer state... I used to live up north ... and let me tell you... if you were seen wearing white before Memorial Day.. you just about got a fashion citation... I say go for it.. It beats a tee shirt and sweats which I see a lot of women wearing outside of the house!!!