Who'd of thunk? (LOL)

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Who'd of thunk? (LOL)
Mon, 06-20-2011 - 2:50am

I found this article on Yahoo titled "5 Outfits Guys Secretly Hope You'll Wear

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Mon, 06-20-2011 - 12:30pm

LOL... no real surprises there! Personally, I didn't like the sweats but I'm not a fan of sweat pants in general. I know DH likes to see me in a pencil skirt and heels; I don't know many guys that are turned off by simpler fashions. Especially if the lingere underneath is flattering! :smileywink:

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Wed, 06-22-2011 - 11:21am

My DH hates seeing women in sweats, whether they are the baggy, saggy type, the Juicy Couture terry or velour type, or those embellished tracksuits favored by his mother and a multitude of women over 50.

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Thu, 06-23-2011 - 6:54pm

Not so much on the sweats, but I very much