10 things about me!

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10 things about me!
Mon, 08-01-2005 - 10:08am

1. I'm a mom to four kids ages 2 1/2 to 13.

2. Married for 13 yrs,

3. We eloped.

4. I have braces.

5. I have one tatoo of my name.

6. I enjoy scrapbooking when the kids are in school.

7. My house is all tile( except the bedrooms)

8. I love my friends as if they're family.

9. I have two best friends that I have been friends with for a very loong time. One sice we were in 2nd grade and one since birth.LOL

10. I got them both to come to ivillage.;-)


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Tue, 08-02-2005 - 7:20am

Thanks Lisa... here are ten things about me:


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Tue, 08-02-2005 - 3:12pm

  1. I live in the Philly area.

  2. I played on my high school football team.

  3. I'm a software developer by profession.

  4. I moonlight as a home spa/image consultant.

  5. I have a flower and vegatable garden at home.

  6. I am a very good cook and recently enjoyed some of my own produce.

  7. Reading is also a major hobby of mine.

  8. I have an eye for women's fashions and occasionally incorporate such styles into my own personal appearance. :)

  9. I have great respect and adoration for women and hope one day to be blessed with a wife and a house full of daughters!

  10. I sponsor six kids around the world from ages 6 to 11.
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Tue, 08-02-2005 - 6:30pm

10 Things About ME.....



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Fri, 08-05-2005 - 1:18pm
Do you love being a nail tech?
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Fri, 08-05-2005 - 4:21pm
Yep I do my own nails!


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Mon, 08-08-2005 - 9:33am

Hi Jess!

You're very fortunate to have a cosmo license. (I'm assuming that's cosmetology and not just permission to read glossy fashion mags, right? LOL) One of my neighbors recently obtained her license as well...she was an insurance rep for several years and made a nice living from it, but just dropped it all one day to begin a cosmetology career. She worked part-time jobs constantly for two years during her studies, but now she's certified with a solid client base and she loves it. :)

I would love to have some cosmetolgy credentials of my own! It would be fun to learn something about beauty other than simply what I find attractive. (*sigh*) Any tips for an amateur like me who'd simply like to learn or study part-time without necessarily starting a new career?

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Mon, 08-08-2005 - 10:16pm

Hi Chris... it is great to see you on the board... I have been wondering where you were at, but I just noticed you have a new CL hat!

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Tue, 08-09-2005 - 10:55pm

Hi, I'm Charlie,
I live in Pa.
I'm newly married, for the second time.
I have a 12 year old daughter.
I own my own cleaning business, employ 4.
I do floral design on the side.
I just bought a house and re-did the entire thing in one year. phew...thank G that's over.
I'm 38
I hate to cook and clean
I do make-up for weddings and proms.
I'm taking up cake decorating in the fall, I just got my supplies.

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Thu, 08-25-2005 - 10:28pm

  1. I'm in a wheel a chair, but I can use a walker

  2. I live at home

  3. I love shopping for clothes, makeup, and music

  4. I have my ears pieced twice in each ear

  5. Twice a week I volunteer at a local aquarium ( you can e-mail for more info. if you want)

  6. Never married & don't plan to anytime soon

  7. I have 2 younger sisters, one is almost 19 and the other is almost 16

  8. I'm CL for the Get A Makeover board, Product Junkies board, &


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Fri, 09-02-2005 - 5:07pm

1. I'm a single mome to a 3 year old girl named Eva (she's at the best age!!!)

2. I graduated with honors from college with a double major in Literature and Creative Writing

3. I travelled to 15 different countries but have visited 4 States

4. I got a tattoo (a long time ambition) in Latvia; it's on my lower back

5. I got my license a little over 3 years ago.

6. I taught myself to knit and crochet because I wanted to be more crafty. I have a crafty lineage to live up to! If I ever get a sewing machine, I'll be a clothes-making maniac!!

7. I live in the Midwest: I won't tell which state:)

8. I have been friends with my best friend for 21 years

9. My grandma is from Northern Ireland. My daughter's father is from Mexico. My sister is married to a man from Spain. And my uncle lives in London.

10. I have read all of the Harry Potter books thus far. I have all the books in hardcover and plan on passing them down to my daughter.