10 Things not to do when you are drunk.

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10 Things not to do when you are drunk.
Wed, 01-28-2004 - 10:08pm

I found this in Cosmo and thought I would share.

1) Stairmaster

2) Make a few edits to tomorrows presentation.

3) Get within dialing distance of the phone when you are armed with your little black book of all your ex-boyfriends numbers.

4) Allow photos of any sort to be taken of you. (Can we say internet)

5) Jump onto the bar and show Christina Aguilera how it is really done.

6) Operate Heavy Machinery, Especially karaoke machines.

7) E-mail your boss to tell her what you really think about all the no talent losers you have to work with.

8) Adopt anything: a puppy, a child, a British accent.

9) Pick up the remote and check out what's for sale on the home shopping network.

10) Tweeze you eyebrows.



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Wed, 06-30-2004 - 3:41pm
just as an add on

11. Walk into a bus stop.

was out in glasgow last night and managed to do the above, very very sore, leg is black and blue. And if that wasnt bad enough got up this morning and went to go downstairs feeling sorry for myself and fell down the stairs!!

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Thu, 07-01-2004 - 10:22am
Oche! You poor thing. Hope you feel better soon!