3 things.....

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3 things.....
Tue, 06-22-2004 - 1:21am
Hiya! I just hav a coupla things that I need advice on. Ok firstly, im trying to just tone up, lose the little bit of extra fat i have. Does anyone know any good exercises 2 get rid of love handles, slim thighs, and flatten stomach?

Also, I found this http://www.skymall.com/webapp/skystore?process=prodDisplay&action=&pid=13178111&catId=98445280 for hair removal. i was wondering if yall could check it out, and let me know if u think it could really work like it says it does. there was one more thing, but ive forgotten it just know! ggr

Hope yall can reply!

Thanks bunches


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Tue, 07-13-2004 - 1:54pm
I highly recommend the pilates videos by Ana Caban, it's quite painful at first, but it works really well in all the areas you mentioned. You are working your whole body with these movements, but they focus mostly on the midsection, and you stretch. I think these videos are geared more towards women, so they are meant to give you long, less bulky muscles. It's also a good idea to do about 20 minutes of cardio just before doing the pilates in order to warm your muscles(so they can stretch better) and get the calory burning going. I have been doing pilates(I started with the beginners pilates and now I have the intermediate video, along with the video you need a mat or something soft to cushion your back), I usually add a bunch more pushups(the best for upperbody) at the end to make sure I really work my upperbody, and 20 minutes on the stepper machine for a few years now and I have exactly the results I was hoping for. Also about the hair remover, I have tried something just like that and it didn't work for me, at all.