*Advice on Perming My Hair*

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*Advice on Perming My Hair*
Tue, 03-08-2005 - 10:17pm
Now I know the saying.... that if you have curly hair you want straight hair, and if you have straight hair you want it to be curly... well, I have fallen right into that. I have always been proud of my super-straight hair. But I have started a new chapter in my life and I need some help with it. I haven't talked to my stylist yet, I decided to try this first... for a little insight. I want to get a perm... One involving spiral curls... Not extremely tight... But tight enough... I guess in-between tight and wavey. Right now my hair is about 2 inches above my shoulders. I would like to know how long should my hair be before i go for a perm and what should i expect? Any input would be greatly appreciated! Thankz *EMT*
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Fri, 04-15-2005 - 1:56am

ive been perming my hair for about 5 years now..?? just recently, ive decided to get out of it...not that i dont like my hair curly, but - i was feelign sick of it, needed a change - and now loving my new straight do!

this is what id advise:
(1) get someone who knows what theyre doing - even if you have to pay more for it.. something like a perm can either go reallly well or reallllllllllly bad - so dont hesitate on shopping for a good salon and someone you trust, and spending a little $$...

(2) spiral curls are the best...

(3) before getting a perm - id recommend you think about its upkeep "consequences"..with perms, its like highlights - roots grow out and theres always upkeep ...

(4)good thing is - ive found curly hair actually pretty manageable..my routine mostly consisted of shampooing, conditioning, scrunch in some gel (i like Sebastian's "Get a Grip") and diffuse for a couple minutes...

(5) the perm when you first get it done will be pretty tight .. then, through washes - itll eventually losen up...

(6)theres a strong smell to the perm solution, and make sure they put conditioner or vaseline on your skin (ie. neck, ears, etc) so that when the perm solution gets on it - it doesnt "burn" your skin

(7)be prepared for your hair to shorten over an inch once its permed?? so alott yourself enough hair length for the desired length once its permed

(8)youre not supposed to wash your hair in the few days after you get it permed... let the solution set in

(9)unfortunately, the "grow out" process of permed hair is annoying - once you get into it, the only way out is either a long period of growing out your hair and having either half straight and half curly hair or having to straighten it all the time before it resumes its normal state

(10) good thing about permed hair is that you can wear it both ways - wear it curly, but when you want it straight - just flatten it!