Amazing Meganame Generator

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Amazing Meganame Generator
Thu, 06-30-2005 - 9:27pm

Here's a fun one to try.

Let us know what your results are. You can copy and paste your board in your post, and then erase your last name, at the top of the board.

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Thu, 06-30-2005 - 9:36pm

Allison Leah Aliases

Your movie star name: Cashews Canada

Your fashion designer name is Allison Paris

Your socialite name is Alleycat Reno

Your fly girl / guy name is A Rin

Your detective name is Tiger McGuzzee Point

Your barfly name is Snickers Purple Hooter

Your soap opera name is Leah Titus

Your rock star name is Peanut Butter Train

Your Star Wars name is Allpri Rinste

Your punk rock band name is The Silly Pylon

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Thu, 06-30-2005 - 11:17pm
That was so much fun!!
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