Anyone know of a good skin cream??

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Anyone know of a good skin cream??
Thu, 12-15-2005 - 3:58pm


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Thu, 12-15-2005 - 4:31pm
I use Serious Skin Care ICE AGE in the am and SSC Rulinea FX for eyes in the PM around my eyes and have noticed a difference. You can order them from HSN or the SSC website.
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Thu, 12-15-2005 - 6:17pm

Hey Jess, try Oil of Olay. They have a ton of stuff to keep you looking younger. I haven't tried it it cause I don't need it..yet. But I've seen their ads and it looks really good. I use their other products. I swear by Olay!!!


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Fri, 12-16-2005 - 4:59pm
Thanks Ladies!!
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