Bargain finds

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Bargain finds
Wed, 04-20-2011 - 12:48pm

I picked my daughter up from work the other night and she wanted to stop in at Walgreens to get some new nail polish. While we were there, I decided to browse the cosmetics; Walgreens usually has some great sales and I was actually able to stroll through, taking my time.

I've been wanting to try some different colored eyeliners, since I normally stick to brown and black. They had some on sale ...Wet and Wild brand, for 69 cents each! I'd never tried that brand before, but the price was so good, I bought a few of the colors I've been wanting to try... green, plum, navy, purple and gray. I figured I wasn't losing much to experiment, less than four bucks total. I was actually surprised to find out they work fantastic for me!

What great beauty finds have you made recently?