Can you please help me with my hair!?

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Can you please help me with my hair!?
Wed, 05-25-2005 - 2:37pm
So I have had my hair permed, then straightened, then permed, then straightened, and then re-straightened, In like the last 6 years? And it is fried. And in back, there is new hair growing back...I guess from breakage? Im not sure, but it looks SO stupid. and the hair that is growing in has a weird wave to it, but well so does all of my hair now, since I got it re-straightened, again...Something went wrong there! I usually blow dry, and then flat iron my hair everyday (I know, bad bad!) but this summer I have decided to not straighten or blow dry it, all summer, unless I HAVE to, Do you think it will look any healthier in 3 months? (that is when school starts again) How much do you think it will grow out by then? Anything I can do to make it grow faster/ Do you suggest any products that are good for my hair? Sorry for the long post!
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Thu, 05-26-2005 - 12:13am
Hair usually does grow a little faster during the summer months. You can get it looking alot healthier in three months by getting it trimmed every 5-6 weeks, doing a deep conditioning treatment once a week(you can get the little one time use packets at sally's and even drugstores they work well, or some salons offer them), and by keeping it covered in the sun (sun dries your skin out, it will dry your hair out too) and if you swim in pools alot avoid getting it wet as much as possible. Use products that are 'revitalizing' and don't use anything 'clarifying' unless you get alot of build-up, but I would only use a clarifying shampoo once a week if you think you need it. Also alot of the new shine serum products make your ends look alot healthier. When you blow dry your hair use the cool setting, it takes longer but it makes a big difference in the condition of your hair. good luck!
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Mon, 06-06-2005 - 4:26pm

I agree with sugar. I had a bad perm, then a bad color job and my hair was fried. I had to find a new hairdreser and now I only let this new gal do my hair. She has been working with me for the last 5 years to geet my hair healthier. We trimmed it every six weeks. I invested in top quality shamppos and conditioners and I stopped perming! SHe uses only ONE kind of color product line now and it's FINALLY looking better.

Per her suggestion I use Paul Mitchell's Gloss drops for the frizz. I use a leave in cream(Paul Mitchell is the best, but I

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Mon, 06-27-2005 - 1:59pm
Dont worry.....there is hope!! Recently i bleached my hair for about a year and if that wasnt enough i also flat ironed and blow dried. But my hair was totally dead and breaking off in small was HORRIBLE. I didnt know what to do. So i died my hair back to its natural color but it still was dead!!! Then i heard about an amazing product called biolustre!!! It is this stay in product that restores your hair to virgin state...(it restores it up to 300%)With biolustre treated hair you could actually perm your hair 6 times in one day without any damage. However GO TO THE SALON to get it done NEVER do it at home. I assure you it WONT WORK!!!Then if you are worried about that wave i had wavy hair it sux! Get your hair thermal reconditioned...Of course you must must must get biolustre treated first. Thermal reconditioning is this amazing way to straighten your hair without the damage!! The ends that have been thermal reconditioned will be straight FOREVER!! Your hair will look healthier and actually BE healthier! My once damaged hair is now beautiful and everyone asks how i did it. If this worked for my hair it will certainly work for yours. If you dont get biolustre i assure you it will not look healthier...i waited 7 months before i got biolustre (i never new about it) and the condition of my hair never changed untill i got it treated...Good Luck
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