Department store makeup?

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Department store makeup?
Sat, 01-29-2005 - 2:45pm
Is it worth the extra cost? Which brand do you recommend? I usually get makeup at the drug store, but it seems to wear off very quickly. Thanks!
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Sat, 01-29-2005 - 3:38pm
If you wear makeup alot I think it's worth the extra cost. I like estee lauder loose powder and lancome eyeshadow. They seem to have a better texture than drug store brands and my eyeshadow lasts longer. I also like too faced blush and lip gloss that you can get at sephora. Also, most department stores as well as sephora have good return policies if you don't like something.
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Sun, 01-30-2005 - 6:20pm

If you want face make-up, then use Bobbi Brown cosmetics. I don't wear make-up often, but when I do, I use Lancome. I really love the eyeshadow palettes. I wear Lancome's Juicy Tubes on a regular basis though. You just got to make sure to dabble on a little bit of gloss or else it'll look like you were drooling all over yourself. Lancome also has excellent perfume.

Sometimes cosmetics sold in department stores are worth it, and sometimes they're not. You can try asking for a "make-over" or something and just wear it around the mall all day to see if it lasts. If it doesn't, then don't buy it.

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Mon, 02-21-2005 - 4:02pm

Hey Jenna!

Don't look at cost,look for performance AND A MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If a company isn't willing to stand behind it's products then that doesn't say much. Price can be deceiving. I am a little biased here because I'm a beauty consultant for Mary Kay, BUT I wasn't always! I probably spent 3 times as much money on "cheap" brands trying to find one that worked than if I'd have just bought MK to begin with. They key is finding makeup and skincare that works together to improve the appearance/health of your skin. Everyday you can choose from many outfits to wear, but you're only given one face, so take care of it and it will show. So, here's my little plug. If you would like to see what MK has to offer, including seeing the product and price, and get free shipping, you can go to my website at and check it out. I hope this helps!

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Tue, 02-22-2005 - 12:47am
I think it depends...some dep't store makeup isn't so great, and some drugstore makeup is really good. Plus, many drugstores have return policies now, so if you buy it and it ends up not working out, you can always return it. In my experience, Milani cosmetics have pretty good staying power, and are also highly pigmented (sort of the MAC of drugstore makeup). I love Jane blushes, and many Wet n' Wild lipsticks, lip liners & eye liners get rave reviews. Have you looked through the product review section where you can see how others on ivillage have rated products? I always look at these reviews before buying. Of course, what works for someone else might not work out for you, but I generally find them to be fairly reliable. Oh, and also, what type of products are you using? For example, if you have oily skin, then cream products will tend to fade or run more quickly, so powder products of any type would probably have more staying power on you.
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Sat, 04-16-2005 - 10:33am

I've had very good experiences with Lancome--they're make-up is of a very good quality. Chanel is excellent but very pricey! As far as drug store makeup goes; have you ever tried any of the L'Oreal products? I'm not sure how many ladies are aware that Lancome and L'Oreal are made by the same company. I would consider L'Oreal the drug store version of Lancome. I have use both and have been very happy with them. Hope this helps!