dry dry skin!

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dry dry skin!
Wed, 03-02-2005 - 11:13pm
hi! i'm new here... i have very very dry skin... when i apply moisturizer then foundation, it always seems to flake b/c my skin is so dry. is there a type of foundation that is good for very very dry skin like mine? my skin is also very sensitive.

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Fri, 04-22-2005 - 2:08pm

I'm not sure about foundations for dry, sensitive skin. You might need to go to a dermatologist and get them to suggest something.

However, for general moisturization purposes, add a bit of mineral oil to your regular lotion. It makes it REALLY concentrated and moisturizes SO well! Try it, I do this in the winter time when my skin dries out. IT WORKS!

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Sun, 05-15-2005 - 2:48pm

I hear you!

I have always had VERY dry skin! In between my eyebrows its ALways flaky. (hehe, which isnt to say Im flaky...though i am, a bit!)

First off, I do have to ask what you're doing to clean your face? are you on a skin care regiman?

I ask because I never cleaned my face, other then...you know, it gets clean in the shower...because I wasn't oily and didnt wear makeup. -- and when I started washing my face everyday, then putting on moisturizer, it made a HUGE difference. not only in making my skin less dry...but also....getting rid of all the dry dead skin keeps you from having flakes visible when you put the makeup on.

Many of your skin care lines offer formulas for dry skin....and there are Soo many moisturizers out there! In the line I use (Mary Kay), I have, in fact, gone thru 3 'levels' of moisturizer as I have improved my skin from a very heavy, greasy, to a heavy non-greasy, to a normal-feeling "enriched". I also know there are several brands at drug stores that are specific for dry skin...the pharmacist would probably be happy to recommend those.

Also, I would be Certain to use the SAME brand for cleanser and moisturizer (hehe, I gave this speil in the last post, sorry, but its good to hear over and over)....brands are formulated to Work Together. So you Will have the best effects from using the SAME brand of cleanser and moisturizer.

In terms of foundations.....if you're like me, you probably won't like to hear this..but the drier your skin, you'll generally want a heavier coverage. the lighter coverage tends to be drying for your skin. Many brands Do have formulas for dry skin...that help to moisturize your face throughout the day. Definitely avoid any that are for oily or combination skin...they help to Dry your skin! In that regards, I would probably stay away from some of the...less expensive, drug store brands that cater to young women / teens...because that age group stereotypically has oilier skin..and those brands are formulated to make them feel less oily. Makes sense, right?

Hope that helps!