Face Shape?

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Face Shape?
Wed, 03-03-2004 - 2:25pm
I'm completly confused. I want to get the best cut for my face shape.. but I have no idea what my face shape is.. I tried to measure the way one site told me but my measurements didn't match anything they had up there.. my Jawline is 11 inches wide, my cheekbones are 10 inches wide, the length of my face is 9 inches and my forehead is 8 inches wide...I have no clue how it all works together.. and I couldn't find a shape that was widest at the jawline and so on.. can anyone help me?
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Sat, 03-06-2004 - 3:44pm
i have the same problem.. actually, thats the reason i came to the boards. i've searched it on google, however, different websites told me that i had different face shapes..

i found a site where you can try on different hairstyles on a face shape amazingly similar to yours it didnt help me out too much however because they have a limited amount of styles that you can try without paying for it.


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Fri, 03-12-2004 - 1:42am
This isn't my own face shape, but I've seen some lists include a "pear" which is wider at the bottom than top.