Foundation for Your Age

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Foundation for Your Age
Wed, 12-02-2009 - 12:02am
20-Something: Back in the glow, says Laura Mercier, leading makeup artist and creator of her own signature makeup line, "because your skin may never look this good –natural-again. Use foundation only where you need it-to cover imperfections, or to mattify skin. Start in the middle and work outwards only as far as you need to even out the skin tone-but never go near the edges, and avoid all creases."

30-Something: You have got the widest choice of foundations: sheer, long-lasting foundations or all-in-one foundation/powders. But you shouldn’t have to go heavier than sheer or medium coverage, with the lightest dusting of powder to set it in areas where you’re more prone to shine.

40-Something: According to Laura Mercier, "Older skins need foundation wherever there are shadows, darkness or broken capillaries, That may include the innermost corner of the eye on the ‘nose-bone’ (which most woman tend to overlook), the inner half-circle under the eye, on broken capillaries on either side of the nose, and just under the corners of the mouth-which can be shadowy in some woman." She suggests looking out for formulations with extra moisturizing elements, experimenting with stick foundations –"and whenever you do, avoid ‘oil-free’ formulations: a little oil in the formulation helps provide a barrier against dehydration."

50-Something & above: Says Laura Mercier, "Older woman tend to think of foundation and powder like spackle, to fill the cracks. But, in fact it just draws attention to lines and wrinkles." Laura’s approach is almost the same as she’d use for a fresh-faced teenager. "I put a dab of concealer o n imperfections- like dark circles, broken capillaries, and age spots-blended into the skin, rather than use foundation."

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