The Guide for Girly Girls: Part 1

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The Guide for Girly Girls: Part 1
Tue, 01-10-2006 - 7:06pm
Hey all you girly-girls, this and the next 3 posts are for you!!!
How to Dress Trendy without Looking Like a Fashion Victim

Dressing yourself in the latest trends is good fun, but to do so with great style... therein lies the challenge. Sometimes the smallest detail can be the perfect touch ‑- but sometimes it can send you into fashion-victim country. To dress trendy without looking like a fashion catastrophe is easy, though, if you know the rules. We've outlined them here, so partake while the trends are hot ‑- but partake as a victor, not a casualty.

Own Your Trend

Be in charge of the trend you choose. After all, if you're not the owner of your look, who is? Wear it as if it's a part of your very essence, your being, an extension of your personality. We love this Kimichi & Blue crochet cardigan layered over a simple long-sleeved T-shirt, with just a hint of lingerie showing at the décolleté. And the single bohemian turquoise and silver pendant gives the look a great artsy flavor.

Honor Your Age

Aging is a fact of life, and there are just some trends, like superhigh minis, breast-flaunting tanks and belly-baring tops ‑- hello! ‑- that are "right" only at a certain age. (Sorry, Madonna.) You don't have to show tons of skin to be sexy and contemporary. Look for cool trends that suit any age, such as a single chunky diamond cuff, an elegant chiffon dress with a nipped-in waist or an up-to-the-minute pair of kitten heels.

One Trend at a Time

"Pick one trend and make it your focus," says New York designer Joanna Baum. If you're wearing a peasant skirt, cowboy boots, a wide belt, a chunky wooden necklace and chandelier earrings simultaneously, you might want to reconsider and pare down a bit ‑- they'll just end up canceling each other out, blotting the beauty of their distinctive singularities.

Wear It Right

Some trends take prep work. If you're going to tuck your jeans in your boots, you have to do a little more than slap your boots on over your jeans. If you do that, your jeans will bunch up like lopsided accordions. For a sleek and fabulous look, wear straight-leg jeans so there's less excess material to squeeze into the boot ‑- but before putting your boots on, tuck your pant legs securely into your socks!

Keep It Symmetrical

When considering which trends work for you, look at the proportions of the garments and of your body. Gaucho pants and voluminous skirts are übertrendy right now, but they need to be balanced by the rest of your outfit or you could look like you're wearing a sack. Pair full shapes from the waist down with chunkier shoes or boots and form-fitting tops to give a sense of symmetry to the silhouette.

Consult with a Specialist

When in doubt, ask. "A lot of women don't realize that a knowledgeable salesperson will be enormously helpful in identifying trends that suit them," says Neda Meier, contemporary designer and proprietor of the New York City clothing store Neda. "If you don't feel comfortable wearing those all- the-rage low-rise jeans, a salesperson will work with you to find medium-rise jeans that are just as trendy."

Check Out Trends at Fashion Shows

You see it on the runway and you're intrigued yet a bit intimidated, right? Don't be put off by outrageous trends at exhibitions. In fact, fashions worn at shows are regularly altered and embellished in such a way as to give a larger-than-life effect. For instance, dresses are made shorter and tighter, bodices more revealing and scarves fuller and longer than anyone could imagine pulling off on a regular day. So don't be intimidated if a trend appears outrageous at first sight ‑- by the time it hits the stores it will have been modified for real-life wear!