Hair Coloring: Stupid question, but...

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Hair Coloring: Stupid question, but...
Mon, 08-30-2004 - 6:53pm
Hello everyone! I feel a bit daft asking this, but it's only because I don't know anything about hair coloring and I don't want to screw things up and have all my hair accidentally turn purple or something:

Ok, some background: I have short, dark brown hair. Three months ago I decided to go blonde. There was a MAJOR mixup at the salon, they basically butchered my hair, but then corrected it. I went back a month later and had it toned down. Soon after I had major surgery and haven't been back since, so my roots are growing in.

I want to go back to my original color, or something close to it. But since I've been on disability, I simply can't afford to have the salon do it again. (And I'm not sure I'd want them to!) So I thought about coloring it at home.

My question is this: Is it just a matter of finding a hair color that's similar to my natural color and following the directions on the box? I guess my concern is coloring hair that is already colored. I'd be going from colored-blonde to colored-brown. Anything specific I should worry about in this regard? (I'm not looking to have highlights or streaks or any of that. Just plain ol' brown hair, nothing fancy.)

A second question is: I read on a website about hair coloring that there are different kinds -- semi-permanent, demi-permanent, and permanent. However, when I went to Target, I saw that ALL the hair coloring kits were for permanent color only. Does this really matter?

Any and all advice is greatly appreciated.

~ Jenney

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Fri, 09-03-2004 - 10:04am
When you are dying your hair, make sure that you always choose a color on the box that is a shade or two lighter than you really want. I learned that when my aunt picked out my hair dye for me one time...I am naturally medium to dark brown, but had my hair reddish at the time. She chose a dark brown dye and it turned my hair jet black...which I ended up liking but wasn't going for. If you want your dye to wash out get Level 1 or Level 2 (which lasts longer)...but if you really want to change the color...go with Level 3. That won't wash out, it permanently dyes your hair.
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Wed, 09-15-2004 - 8:56pm
Jenney, I am a retired beautician. If you can provide me with the following info I will let you know what to do and especially what brand to buy. The most most expensive isn't always the best. In your case look for one with a low level of Ammonia. There are great ones out there but still a permanent color.

So, whats is the length of you hair, shade and how much did it grow out so far. Also, what is the texture of your hair right now? Are the ends damaged? or dry and frizzy?

Please make sure you tell me that, so I can get back to ya with some good instructions for your hair. I will customize it for you.

I'll check back tomorrow.

Oh, and it's not a stupid question.