how to go from red to ash brown hair

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how to go from red to ash brown hair
Thu, 01-13-2005 - 1:52am

Hi all, I'm trying to figure out how to get my hair from the auburn red I've been coloring it for the past 5 months back to my natural color which is a light ash brown. I have alot of experience with coloring my own hair (even stripped dark brown out of it 5 mths. ago) so I'm not afraid to mess with it. I bought a box of haircolor and did a strand test but it didn't change the tone any (it remained really red). I want to totally change the tone, at the moment it's a warm med.auburn, and when my roots grow out they look almost gray because they're lighter and ash toned, so I want to goback to the cool tones and just highlight it a little bit and not have to worry about obvious roots for a while. Although my hair is long (past myshoulders) it's in really good condition so it can take being treated again. Any suggestions would be really appreciated!! Thanks!


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Fri, 01-14-2005 - 12:15am
Unfortunately, it's really hard to get rid of red tones. If you really want to get back to your natural color, I would suggest going to a professional. Good luck!
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Tue, 01-18-2005 - 9:30am

The first time I went red I was shocked at the depth of color. A normal stripper will not remove red. What my hair stylist ended up doing was putting a semi-permanent color over the top (lasts about 30 washes) to tone down the color. He did this until the red color grew (and was cut) out. If you used a home preparation telephone the 800 number on the back. Explain your situation - they may be able to recommend a semi-permanent color that you could use over the top until it grows out. If you cannot visit a salon then this may be a compromise that would work for you.

I hope it works out.