I hate swimsuit shopping, don't you?

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I hate swimsuit shopping, don't you?
Thu, 07-10-2003 - 1:52am
If you bought a swimsuit and you’re not happy with it, but had to have it right then, for a pool party, etc, go get another one! You’re worth it!!

“Most women feel better stark naked than they do in a swimsuit—or at least they feel a whole lot sexier in bra and briefs.”

Do you? I do!

“Somewhere between a supermodel's crocheted g-string and Grandma's Miami trunks lies the perfect mermaid alternative: A suit that will make you feel like Esther Williams if not Venus or Serena…Why not start choosing swimwear based on more than looks alone? Match a bikini or a maillot to the activities you do most…”


And here’s another great article on finding a swimsuit that is flattering, from Cosmo…


Hope this makes it easier!