Just a question

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Just a question
Sat, 04-05-2003 - 12:53pm
Hello all,

I am not new to Ivillage, and I think I posted here a while ago but I really can't remember. Anyways I have a question if any of you have any advice or tips please let me know it would be greatly appreciated.

Ok heres the deal. I have been reading beauty advice and stuff in books and magazines forever, my big this is how the heck can I tell if I am a warm tone or a cool tone...I read that if your cool you will have green in your eyes look better in white, have bluish colored veins...well I have this..but if your a warm tone I read that you will have gold in your eyes, yellow or golden tone to the skin, and veins that are a greenish color...well I have this also....is it possible to be neutral? or have both traits...I guess the reason I am asking is because I just bought one of those new color kits by Loreal--the Couleur experte in mocha chip...which says its a cool color...I just want to make sure it doesn't look wierd I guess because I have VERY VERY fair skin with dark hair and dark eyes and boy when I mean fair...I mean casper the ghost white...and its hard to find a makeup that fits me right...cause I can't where alot of stuff with pink or ruddy tones...I dunno this is confusing..

If anyone has any tips pleast let me know.

Thankyou very much


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Sun, 04-06-2003 - 10:17am
Most fair skin people are warm tones. I Have fair skin and I can't get anywhere near the cool tone colors. Cool tones look better on darker skin. You will be able to tell when you put a cool tone on and it looks overpowering.

Neutral will also work because they are colors that go with either warm or cool. I use alot of neutral colors. A good way to really find out your tone is to get a shiney silver and a shiney gold piece of fabric. Hold them up to your face and look in a mirror.

Whick one looks better? Which one brings out more of you imperfections? The one that looks the best and blends well with your skin tone will let you know what tone you are.

Gold: Warm

Silver: Cool

Hope this helps some!



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Sun, 04-06-2003 - 4:21pm
Thankyou very much I appreciate the advice soo much, I think I am more of a warm tone, anyways thanks again.


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Mon, 04-07-2003 - 2:36am
Hi, Jammie!

Welcome back to the board!

Although fair skin can easily be overpowered by intense cool shades, that wouldn't necessarily mean you are a "warm", because some of the warm colors would be overpowering, too. When you say "dark hair", if you mean brown or black hair, odds are, you are "cool". More than 80% of the population is. Most "warms" are redheads or strawberry blonds.

I would try light cool colors and apply them sparingly, being very careful to blend. Light grey eyeshadow and mauve blush might work, but it's hard to tell without seeing you. I don't suppose you have a pic? If not, start with the most subtle shades in your new makeup kit and let us know how it turns out.

Hope this helps!


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Thu, 04-17-2003 - 3:15pm
I have found most people look better with the neutral to "warm" tones. Only about 15% of people are actually "cool". (normally women with dark hair, pale skin and eyes)

If you think you are in-between, try some of the tawny lipsticks. Some of the browns have a warm undertone which is flattering to many.

I don't know if you mentioned your hair and eye color or not. Try to use a complementary shade instead of a matching shade to your eyes. For example: if you are brown eyed, try greens, blues, and plums instead of just brown. The contrasting color eye shadows will really make your eye color "pop".

Also, with foundations try to stick with a yellow undertone. It looks younger and fresher than pink.