Just Some Qs

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Just Some Qs
Tue, 12-28-2010 - 4:32pm

Looking back, what's your overall feeling(s) of 2010?

How are things different from this time last year?

How are things the same?

What was the best thing(s) to happend in 2010?

The worst thing(s)?

If someone said to you a year ago that this is how your life would be a year later, would you have believed them? Why or why not?

Are you excited to see 2010 end to see what new things await in 2011, or anxious to finally get 2010 over with?

What was the biggest surprise(s) you got in 2010, whether it was good or bad?

What's one thing you were finally able to do?

Do you feel like you grew as a person in 2010?

What's one wish for 2011?