Luminizers URGENT

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Luminizers URGENT
Thu, 01-19-2006 - 7:47pm

can anyone recommend a good luminizer? i feel like my face looks dull and i would really like to brighten it up. i have acne scars so i don't want to bring attention to them. thanks!

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This questions was not answered originally, so I'm hoping someone will pay attention to it this time. However I too have acne scars and am looking for a luminizer to brighten up my dull face and not bring attention to my acne scars. I have normal to combination skin so it would be nice if someone could recommend it for my skin type, however even answering anything, anything FOR ALL SKIN TYPES WOULD BE FABULOUS TOO.


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Thu, 01-19-2006 - 7:56pm

Hey and welcome to the board, cchangingsseasons. I'm the Community Leader here, so I hope I can help.

Try Revlon Face Illuminator (Brightener) Lotion. I liked that. I think that is made for all skin types. I haven't used it in a while. They also my a powder too.