new job - hair help

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new job - hair help
Fri, 10-07-2005 - 3:44am

so i've worked lots and lots and lots of food service....and now i finally got a job where i don't have to pull my hair back and wear a hat. but i haven't really "done" my hair since it was short (think pixie cut) - now, it's just past my shoulders and i don't know what to do with it. i don't want to cut it...but it seems like it just looks dirty when i just let it go, but i don't want to constantly have it pulled back. eeek. what to do?


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Fri, 10-07-2005 - 11:34am

Hey girrrlychild, welcome to the board!!!!

Okay so you don't want ot cut your hair, however to keep it looking its best, you should have it trimmed. When I get my hair cut, I have my hairstylist do just a tid-bit of layering at the very ends to give it some movement and then it not a blunt cut. You should do your bangs like Ashlee Simpson or Nicole Richie. I have bangs like that and I love them. I'm trying to let my hair grow out too. I hope those tips helped you. Let me know!!!!

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