New York Fashion Week: Spring-Summer 2013 Runway Looks

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New York Fashion Week: Spring-Summer 2013 Runway Looks
Thu, 09-13-2012 - 3:41pm


Your front-row seat for the best of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013 collections:


I have so many questions about this.

To start with, does anyone actually wear these creations? I did like a lot of them, in particular some by Anna Sui, Tory and  Burch,  and Donna Karan, but some of them are just so outlandish I can't imagine anyone wearing them.

Some of the models are so thin, their bones are sticking out. How can anyone think that is attractive, or think the clothes in any way look better on someone who looks like they might keel over at any second.

Why do they all look SO angry? I mean, seriously, if looks could kill... They're not just not smiling, they look really mad. Why can't they smile and look happy to be in their clothes?
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I couldn't really see all of them, but I always like Donna Karen and I'm starting to like Tory Burch.

I don't find stick then stylish at all. Espicially when one forces themself to be like that. They need to eat and then they would be hapy!! I know I"m happier after I eat! LOL!!! Thanks for sharing the link. I'm looking forward to spring, but for now I"m just gonna enjoy the cooler wather fall has to offer because after spring, it gets pretty hot here!