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Permanent Makeup/ Cosmetics
Mon, 08-09-2004 - 5:17pm
I just read an article on this site about Permanent Makeup. The writer stated that you should check to see if they are certified. There are people getting certification thru the mail, watching a video. There are people taking a 2 day course getting "certified".

There is only one certification that is actually accepted and mandated by two states. The American Academy of Micropigmentation. It testing is done by a Physician supervised board. The instructors (CMI's) are also Board Certified (written, oral and practical).

There is another organization the SPCP that has very high standards for instructors, over 1000 procedures to even submit to be an instructor. Minimum class requirements and required to mentor for a year after class for both organizations.

Please visit these non-profit organizations at their websites, their common goal is to protect the public. This word "certified" is getting abused.

Karla Kwist

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