QOTD: Manic Monday?

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QOTD: Manic Monday?
Mon, 08-01-2005 - 8:36am
Do you feel like it is a manic Monday?
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Tue, 08-02-2005 - 10:29am

Hi Jess, well being a home mom is my jobLOL, but Mondays are the first part of my week and here's how I do:

I get started right away. The more routined I am the better. I actually like Mondays so I CAN focus on cleaning up from the weekend. LOL

Once I get the hard stuff done the rest of the week is a breeze. Ya know that www.flylady.net

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Tue, 08-02-2005 - 6:32pm
Oh I just sleep in late and pretend it's still Saturday!
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Mon, 08-08-2005 - 8:24am

I go to work on Sunday so then I don't hate Monday! LOL
I drink so much coffee in morning and sit at this puter I take off like a rocket.
I do go bed earlier on Sunday night though.
What do you do?