QOTD: What do you do on vacation?

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QOTD: What do you do on vacation?
Wed, 07-06-2005 - 10:32am

What do you like to do on vacation?

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Wed, 07-06-2005 - 11:05am

Hi Jess!

I went to the NJ shore on Sunday to spend the day with my mom and stepdad...it was a pleasant day in different surroundings even though it was a bit crowded. (The Philly area clears out pretty good on summer weekends, as many people have access to beach homes in way or another.) The rest of the time I stayed home and did some errands and attended to personal affairs. Live 8 was in the city on Saturday but I stayed as far away from that as possible! Didn't feel like spending the day with tens of thousands of my closest friends. (LOL)

Enjoy your week! It sounds like you have fun things planned for everyone. :) Hugs,

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Wed, 07-06-2005 - 11:52am

When we do go on vacation we usually go to dh's mom's place in Southern Ca. We go everywhere while we're down there. But they retired and live onthe road in their motorhome now. We will be meeting them in the bay area for Marine World in late August. Then they are coming here for 5 months. There is a motorhome park right around the block from us that they can stay at.

I like doing litle trips too though. But when you're a mom of four kids a wife and have a dog, you don't really rest on vacations.LOL It's mom's job to organize everything and keep the peace.

I WOULD like to go on a vacation just for ME. You know what I wish I could do? hmmmmm maybe we should start another thread for this one.