QOTD: What would you do.........

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QOTD: What would you do.........
Wed, 07-27-2005 - 11:21am
If you went to your stylist to get a color and a cut and it came out ALL wrong!!
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Thu, 07-28-2005 - 11:11am

I actuaally have had a very bad perm once. It fried my hair and before the perm it had taken me three years to get it the length I wanted it to be. Then it was all ruined! I ended up having to cut it ALL off! My dh was SO mad. We went back to the salon and he threw a fit! He demanded our money back. They paid us back the amount of labor but not for the perm itself. But they also gave me tons of free deep conditioning products to help my hair while it grew out again.

Defintely speak up! Then never go back to them again. I finally found a hairdresser that I trust and I've been with her for about 9 yrs now. I won't let anyone else do my hair EVER again! She's a Paul Mitchell rep too so I get tons of advice on hair styling products and she always gives me great samples and good deals.

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Thu, 07-28-2005 - 11:33pm

i would speak up - just like i'd return something broken to a store or speak up to a mechanic who didn't fix my car

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Thu, 09-22-2005 - 11:46am
I would make the best of it and never go back to that salon again and then have it trimmed into something


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Thu, 09-22-2005 - 12:36pm

I guess it depends on how bad of a job they did.

I went to a salon for highlights. It wasn't until I went home that I noticed that my roots weren't completely done. I went back to them and they were gracious enough to touch them up a bit more. I can't remember if I paid a second time or not. Again, I wasn't completely satified, so I had to go to another salon entirely for them to give me the desired results I had hoped for with the first salon.

I wouldn't pay for a really botched job. I'd at least express my concerns and maybe they could fix it. Sometimes it's b/c you and the stylist aren't on the same page. Again, it depends on the situation entirely as to what measure need to be taken, so that you or anyone else don't receive bad service.